Instagram For Companies: Tips To Boost Your Business

Are you convinced of the possibilities of Instagram for companies? Whether you already have a profile or if you are going to start it, these tips and keys will help you boost your business on this social network, shall we start?

Create a company profile on Instagram

As a first step, one of the options you should consider is creating an Instagram profile for companies. What are its advantages concerning a user profile? On the one hand, the possibility of consulting and accessing Instagram statistics on the impact and reach of your publications, on the other hand, the option of synchronizing your company profile with your Facebook fan page and, in this way, sharing publications that, in case you don’t have this option activated, they would go to your profile.

Know the tools of Instagram for companies

Once you have configured your company profile, Instagram offers you a series of specific tools for your professional account. These options go far beyond statistics and will be especially interesting for you if you want to use the social network as a sales channel or a way to promote your products and services.

Activate the shopping option on Instagram

One of the most interesting news for Instagram for companies is the option of turning your profile into a sales channel where you can upload images of your products, tag them, add prices, and, of course, link the customer to the shopping website from the social network.

Create and manage your publication calendar for Instagram

Like any social network, one of the keys to gaining followers on Instagram and boosting your business is based on generating interesting publications, with attractive content for your followers and doing it regularly over time (the number of recommended publications on Instagram varies according to your needs and your audience, but it should not be very high). For this, it is always advisable to have tools that allow you to automate content on Instagram.

Bet on original content with the Stories

Adapt your content to the possibilities offered by this social network in which the main elements are image and video. In this sense, one of the most interesting options is the so-called Stories that, although they are ephemeral, allow you to energize your account and, in case you succeed, save and share them later, do you know how to do it?

Interact with your followers and know their tastes

Among the most attractive possibilities that Instagram offers for companies, we highlight the option of adding surveys or questions in your Stories; A very attractive way to get the involvement and participation of your followers with your brand, gain new customers or, simply, know their tastes for future digital marketing actions on this social network.